Not so vocal for local: TikTok and Indian Government.

Article Publish Date : June 6, 2020

The heading of this article might have spoken volumes about what this article is related to. Yes, it is certainly about the BJP Government’s hypocrisy.

In the last press conference Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation and spoke about self-reliability or “Atmanirbhar” which means India should make its own products and focus on exports rather than imports. Basically, it was mainly intended that “Boycott Chinese goods” as India is the largest importer of Chinese goods. Not only this, China and India are having border disputes now in Ladakh area. So naturally, Indians are enraged on China. Now one of the most downloaded virtual products made by China is “TikTok” and also we know that in last few months’ Indian youth or netizens were busy in this TikTok vs YouTube controversy.

Indian govt. tiktok account
Official Tiktok account of Govt. of India.

The main story starts here. When whole of Indian youth was busy with this Youtube vs Tiktok controversy, our Indian Government led by BJP had made a TIKTOK account and gained nearly 900k followers with 20 videos and 6.2 million likes. This is not to demean Tiktok or say it a bad platform, it is just to say that Indian Government did not practise what it preached. Many of us might think “Oh it’s just a virtual product or app, it’s not even a real product who cares?” But this thinking is completely wrong as millions of dollars are being made by TikTok from our Indian TikTok creators and audience through views and likes and all. So if we boycott any sort of trade from China we must also boycott this app or not influence anyone to use the app for the time being if we really want to be “Atmanirbhar”. The call out for ‘Atmanirbharta‘ by the BJP led government certainly meant that the nation should be self sufficient but to remember the fact globalization has been deep rooted into the business cycle and economy of the nations all around the globe. Buisness deals are made over boundaries and India is no exception. Products made in Indian firms contain components which are imported from China or have been made by Chinese machinery. Even indian business heavy weights like Mahindra has it’s manufacturing units in China, including several other indian companies. The Boeing aircraft which serves the indian airlines uses parts manufactured in China. So would India boycott Boeing? Rather the question is “can” India boycott Boeing? But if the government preaches ‘Atmanirbharta’ it must keep it’s words. The Government is the representative of the citizens and if the Government only does not perform what it had preached, then how can it expect it’s citizens to practise.
Again it must be said that TikTok is not a bad platform rather it is a good platform to showcase talent but we must remember that it is a Chinese product and during this period we must have boycotted Chinese goods as our government had advised us to.

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