“College street is the world of imagination in itself”

Article Publish Date : October 20, 2022

A shop owner is selling books in college street

While walking in College Street, it feels like knowledge is floating everywhere, like an iceberg tip on the ocean floor, which is the street, where, if we get hold of one of the tips then we will find that it has a very deep meaning inside the ocean of books which takes us to the different world.

The institutions around it work like pillars that have always thrived to achieve the highest degree of enlightenment without leaving behind a pinch of human essence. The pillars have produced many great thinkers in the past and have also proved to be a platform of freedom for many. Every individual is exposed to different types of styles of books that help them to imagine beyond their imagination.

Every single book of college street gets a lot of respect from the shop owners in comparison to the old Delhi book bazaar where the books are just lying on the road or on the footpath and no one takes care of them like that of the shop owner in college street.

A shop owner in College Street may not even know the content of the book, yet he always respects its value, irrespective of its language, genre and it does not even matter if it’s old or new. This culture of respecting the value of books is what makes College Street attractive and interesting.

This street never gets old. It always refurbishes itself with the changing world and surroundings, but still never loses its nostalgic essence and its cultural roots which are inherent. This makes it more fascinating and special at the same time.

The street saw many revolutionary movements and also produced many revolutionaries who contributes in shaping the world. College Street still is very responsive to the unjust system to keep the light of a just society.

Whether we think of the shop owner, the street, the books and the plethora of knowledge it holds is still overflowing in terms of its richness. 

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Md Sharif

Md Sharif Hussain

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